EPOXY COATINGS | Surface Preparation and Coating Solutions

Professional Applicators of EPOXY and POLYASPARTIC coatings on concrete surfaces

Blast Environmental Services offers professional EPOXY and POLYASPARTIC coating services in addition to our blast cleaning services. We can apply coatings to almost any indoor concrete floor whether it's new or old. We have the experience, training, and equipment to tackle large or small projects for industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

Our services include: Diamond Floor Grinding, Shot Blasting, Line Removal, Moisture Barriers, and Coating Applications.

- Warehouse & Distribution Facilities
- Commercial & Residential Garages
- Retail & Commercial Spaces
- Safety Walkways & Lines
- Manufacturing facilities
- Laboratories
- Hospitals

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It's all in the PREP!

The absolute first step in ensuring a strong, long lasting EPOXY or POLYASPARTIC floor is the preparation of the concrete.

EPOXY and POLYASPARTIC is a hard resin that is typically applied in multiple layers. In order to bond to the subsurface, the appropriate ICRI-CSP profile must be achieved by mechanically preparing the concrete surface to be coated. At Blast Environmental, we utilize top of the line equipment such as Blastrac Dustless Diamond Grinders, Shot Blasters, and HEPA Vacuums.

Cracks, Divots, Imperfections? NO PROBLEM! We shot blast these voids so our material can bond deep inside, then we patch and smooth out these areas prior to coating.

Recent Projects

SW Macropoxy 646 Fast Cure - Approx. 5,000 Linear Feet of 4" Safety Yellow Lines

Sika Epoxy Coating - 261 Agate Grey w/ Partial Flake Blue Mix and 217 Clear Coat

Sika Polyaspartic Coating - 1610 Moisture Barrier & 510 N LPL Clear w/ Full Flake FB-414 Gravel

Sika Epoxy Coating - 1610 Moisture Barrier & 261 Stone Grey w/ Partial Flake FB-414 Gravel

Sika Epoxy Coating - 1610 Moisture Barrier & 261 Umbra Grey w/ Duochem 6 Top Coat (Textured)

Sika Epoxy Coating - 1610 Moisture Barrier & 261 Stone Grey